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> Intraday & historical prices
> Fundamental data
> News and social sentiment
> unlimited queries
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> Native IOS app
> Deep linking QR codes
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Our dataset contains 6500+ stocks from the NYSE and Nasdaq

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Fundamental and Technical Reports

One dashboard for charting, balance sheet & revenue growth visualization, as well as comprehensive scores to help you plan your next trade or investment.

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Real Time Market Chat

When stocks are on fire, tap in and see what other traders are talking about. We rebuilt stock chat from the ground up with, meaning new chats appear in real time.

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Social Sentiment Scraper

Too busy to follow Reddit, Twitter? Use our scraper to keep up with the hottest stocks across all of social media and visualize where the data is comming from.

Integration with the tools you love

>pip install styvio
>npm install styvio
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One platform to do it all

If you trade or invest, you will love our all in one dashboard. With all the data you can imagine, there is a never ending amount of research to be done. Get started now and see what the styvio dashboard can do.